Curl Care for Men: Washing and Drying

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

I love caring for men’s curls. I get a lot of questions about the care and feeding of curls from our gentlemen clients, but I find that there’s a lot of ignorance and a lack of information about how to take care of that gorgeous masculine hair. I’ve got some tips on how to get your curls into the best shape of their lives, starting with how to clean them.

The first thing to do is to stop fighting your curls. That is the way your hair comes out of your head—you can use a relaxer, a straightener, or tons of products, but that will only damage your hair and make it harder to manage in the long run. Let’s work with what you’ve got because what you’ve got is awesome.

Handsome curls are healthy curls. Start at the “root” of the issue—are you eating nutritious food? Drinking plenty of water? Getting enough sleep? Poor health drags us down in every way.

What type of curls do you have? Loose waves? Corkscrew coils? Close and kinky? The shape and texture of your curls determine much about how to care for them.

Think about your scalp. Does your scalp get oily fast, or do you stay dry and itchy for days? Right by the hair follicles on our scalp are little glands called sebaceous glands. These secrete a substance called sebum, an oily substance that moisturizes the skin and hair. Some people make more than others, and we all make more sebum when we’re teenagers due to fluctuating hormones.

You don’t want to let sebum build up too much, but you also don’t want to dry out your hair and ruin its texture. With curly hair, sebum takes longer to get from the scalp to the ends. To get to know your curls, consider whether you might be shampooing too much, or using something too harsh. Try using a very mild shampoo and decrease frequency. Also, don’t work your shampoo down to your ends—put it just on your scalp and work it in with your fingers. Never pull it through your hair.

Are you using conditioner? We hope so, but if you’re not, start today. Curly hair is thirsty. It craves moisture. You can apply conditioner in the shower and rinse it out, you can try a leave-in conditioner, curl definer, hair oil, or more than one. Products that smell great and give your curls frizz-free definition make grooming time fun. Start from the ends and work your way upward as far as you need to.

What are you using to detangle? Please don’t let it be a brush. A wide-toothed comb made of smooth, non-static material (like wood) or your fingers is better options. Always start from the ends and work upward. Pulling downward from the roots makes tangles worse and tears the hair. Try detangling in the shower while the conditioner is still in your hair.

Dry your curls gently by wrapping them in a soft towel or t-shirt. Never, ever rub your hair with a towel, and don’t blast it with a blow-dryer on high heat. We recommend placing a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt on a bed or table with the neckline facing you. Bend down and put your head in the chest area of the shirt, fold the lower hem over your head, and use the sleeves to tie it in place behind your head. Don’t tie it too tight; the objective is to let the fabric absorb some of the moisture while letting your curls breathe and using the least amount of friction possible.

Not sure what kind of curls you have? Feeling overwhelmed? That’s ok because I started my salon with you in mind. I understand curls because I have them and want the best for them. Learning the best way to care for your hair and streamlining your grooming routine gives your whole day a boost. I can’t wait to meet you!

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