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How to Dry Curls

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

If you get one thing out of this post, let it be not to rub at your curls with a towel or blast them directly with heat. Why is that? It’s because your curly hairs love each other. They don’t want to be separated. When your locks are rubbed with a towel, the friction separates them, destroying definition, blurring their shape, and creating frizz. Curly hair is often fine and fragile as well, and towel-drying is too harsh. Using hot air to dry your curls is also too harsh, drying your hair out too much and contributing to frizz and split ends.

So, it’s wash day, and your curls are clean and dripping wet. What are some better ways to get your curls dry while keeping them healthy?

Curl drying method #1: Air-drying

Air-drying your curls is a great way to give them a break and show off your natural texture. To give them a leg up on a good air-dry, start in the shower with conditioner and detangling with your fingers. Remember, you don’t want to break up your locks and lose their shape. There are all kinds of products you can work into your hair while letting it air-dry. Come see us for recommendations on air-drying products for your unique head of curls.

Curl drying method #2: Plopping

Take a soft, clean cotton t-shirt with long sleeves and lay it out on a flat surface with the neckline closest to you. Bend down, flip your hair over, and “plop” your curls in the middle of the shirt. Fold the hemline over the back of your head and use the sleeves to secure it by twisting them gently and tying or tucking them around your head. This method absorbs water, lets your hair breathe, and minimizes movement and friction, allowing your curls to keep their definition.

Curl drying method #3: Blow-drying with a diffuser

You can blow-dry your curls if you’re careful about it. A diffuser is an attachment that goes on the business end of a blow-dryer. It widens the range of the dryer to make the airflow less direct. Keep the dryer on the warm or cool setting, and never dry your curls completely. Remember the moisturizer for your ends!

Curl drying method #4: All tied up

If you have coily or kinky hair and are short on time, or want to keep it out of the way while it dries, try tying it up. Apply your moisturizer, section up your hair, twist or braid it into buns or knots, and gently blow-dry. You can also let your hair air-dry this way. Make sure not to use hot air and don’t wind your curls up too tight, as the hairs could break.

Contact me or come in for recommendations on drying your curls. Everyone’s curls have their own personality, their own needs, and their own brand of beauty. I can’t wait to meet you!

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